Nut stationsto open Oct. 1

STOCKTON, Mo. - Hammons Products Company, Stockton, will open its buying stations on Oct. 1.

Locations of buying stations can be obtained by calling 1-888-4BW-NUTS or you can visit

The price is to be $10 per hundredweight of hulled nuts. Prices can change during the harvest season.

Nuts are purchased in 16 states and hauled to the Hammons plant in Stockton. Nutmeats are used in baking, salads, ice cream and other entrees. The hard shells are ground and sold for uses such as in oil well drilling and as a gritty agent in cosmetic cleansers.

Docile cattle preferred

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. - Temperament of beef cattle heads the list of traits cattle producers consider when buying cattle, according to a survey done this year by the University of Missouri of 200 buyers of Show-Me-Select heifers.

Eldon Cole, extension livestock specialist in Mount Vernon, said he was surprised temperament rated higher than things such as easy calving and good health.

Temperament, or docility, is a moderately inheritable trait, Cole said. Docile animals gain weight faster.

The recent Missouri Steer Feedout had 192 animals rated fairly calm that gained 3.43 pounds per day. The 14 rowdy steers gained 3.17 pounds per day, Cole said.

In addition to genetics, cattle disposition is influenced by poor working chutes and fences, failure for owners to walk among the cattle regularly, moving cattle too fast, feeding practices that reduce man to animal interaction, and indiscriminate use of electric prods or whips.

Details: (417) 466-3102.

SAFI seeks members

CLARK, Mo. - The Sustainable Alternative Farming Institute (SAFI) is a non-profit organization that seeks to help small family farmers become more profitable.

SAFI, which seeks to preserve rural communities, helps educate farmers, lenders, consumers, universities, government agencies and businesses about sustainable alternative agriculture.

This is to be done through brochures, research plots, individual and group training, and other measures.

SAFI membership dues are $30 for farmers, consumers, families and individuals, and $50 for schools, government agencies, financial institutions, agriculture companies and other businesses.

Details: SAFI, 3903 W. Ridge Trail Road, Clark, Mo., 65243, or call (573) 687-3525.

Kleiboeker joins soybean groups

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - John Kleiboeker, formerly of Pierce City, has joined the staff of the Missouri Soybean Association and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council in Jefferson City.

Kleiboeker is serving as director of field services to increase farmer membership across the state and to promote the use of soybean-based, biodiesel fuel.

Kleiboeker was raised near Freistatt and has been a lifelong resident of Southwest Missouri. He received a bachelor's degree in general agriculture from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1995. He was previously employed as an agriculture loan officer at United Missouri Bank, and as an insurance agent at the Lawrence County Farm Bureau.

He has served as a director on the Missouri Beef Industry Council and as a member of U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt's agriculture advisory committee.

Calf sales slated

WELCH, Okla. - The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network plans to hold sales on Nov. 3, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11 at the Welch Stockyards.

The network was organized in 2001 to add value to weaned calves, and to capture a portion of this value for the producer and buyer.

The network provides a process verification system that sets management practices to provide healthier calves to reduce production costs and provide quality beef.

Livestock market owners cooperate with producers to assemble network verified calves to sell at special feeder-calf sales.

Sales and program details: (918) 542-1688.