The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

July 14, 2012

'Biblical Truths'

Story of Joseph spreads message of family, faith

By Dave Woods
The Joplin Globe

BRANSON Mo. — Katherine Rundall understands the spiritual appeal of the musical production of “Joseph.”

“It is based on Biblical truths,” said Rundall, production manager of the newest show at Sight and Sound Theatre. “All of our shows are crafted around our mission statement. We present the gospel of Jesus Christ to our audiences. We use the medium of live theater to do that. The message is so applicable to everyone, no matter their age.”

Rundall said the Christian message and epic size of the production, including a 300-foot wraparound stage, large cast and live animals, set the show apart from other productions.

For more than 36 years, Sight and Sound Theatre’s productions have delivered the Word to hundreds of thousands audience members. With an original theater in Strasberg, Pa., and more recently, a new theater in Branson, Mo., the company’s biblically based stories of Jesus, Joseph, Daniel, Ruth, Adam, Eve and Noah have drawn international acclaim.

Five days a week, most often with two performances a day, the casts of Sight and Sound productions are devoted to sharing family friendly, faith-based tales.

“I love to brag on my cast,” Rundall said. “This group is so committed to what we do, which is presenting the Gospel. They go out twice a day and do this physically and emotionally demanding show. These cast members really come together as a great team and are mature in their craft and mature in The Lord.”

The message

The musical production follows Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel. He was blessed with prophetic dreams.

“He was his father’s favorite and his brothers didn’t care for him so much,” Rundall said. “In his youth, he dreamed of being raised above his brothers and they didn’t take very kindly to that.”

His brothers sold him into slavery and Joseph eventually ended up in Egypt, a servant of Pharaoh and Lady Podipher. Even as a slave, Joseph remained strong in his faith and nurtured his relationship with God.  

“God raised him up from slavery to be in command of Egypt with a lot of influence and power and wealth,” she said. “When a famine came, his brothers were affected. They had to go to Egypt to get food, not knowing that Joseph was there and had been raised up.”

Joseph could have taken revenge on his hungry brothers, but took the Christian path.

“Because of the work the Lord had done in Joseph’s life, he instead fed his brothers and they were reconciled,” she said. “It’s just a massive story of forgiveness. Because of God, Joseph decided to embrace his family and they were restored.”

The show has brought families closer, Randall said, and also helped some strengthen their own faith.

“We’ve had so many families choose to reconcile with each other because to the message in this show,” said Rundall. “It’s a great thing for people who already think the way we think, but, it’s a great tool to bring others to the Lord. They will enjoy the show and get the message, but wont feel preached at. It’s a nice tool that the Lord can use.”