The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

May 9, 2013

BLOG: Dan Saleaumua says Andy Reid needs Chiefs to "drink the Kool-Aid"

By Ryan Atkinson
Globe Sports Writer

— Former Kansas City Chiefs Kimble Anders and Dan Saleaumua are in Joplin at Downsteam Casino (well technically they are outside of Joplin ... in Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri, depending on what part of the Downstream complex they are standing at the moment) this weekend for the Bright Futures Celebrity Golf Classic.

I, along with KSN's Eric Knecht, was able to pick their brains about the upcoming Chiefs season and the organization's recent moves.

Saleaumua on new Chiefs coach Andy Reid:

"He's gotta make those guys drink the Kool-Aid. Marty (Schottenheimer) had us drinking the  Kool-Aid so much and we believed it, and we were winning. We were going balls to the wall and it makes sense, because we were winning."

"What Andy Reid did in Philly? Beautiful. But you're in Kansas City now. What're you gonna do? That's what you did for Philly. We're in Missouri. We're the Show-Me State."

"If you can't get these guys to drink the Kool-Aid, good luck."

Anders on new Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith:

"He's grown a lot. He's a very smart quarterback and I think he's the type of quarterback who can control the game. That¹s the main thing a quarterback has to do.
He's in a good situation right now being under Andy Reid, who has worked with a lot of quarterbacks. I think he'll be a good thing for them this year."

Saleaumua on how hard it has been for Clark Hunt to take over for his father, Lamar:

"To meet Lamar Hunt and to understant that man's passion and for him to push it onto his son wasn't fair. Because that man loved Kansas City football. And being the son of an owner ... everybody looks at the owner and then looks at the son like 'What are you going to do?' Thats hard."

Anders on the moves the Chiefs have made and how close the offense is to catching up with the defense:

I think they've done a great job with the draft. They'll probably get some more talent at some point.
They're pretty solid on defense. I think it¹s just a matter of getting that talent (on offense) in the right place and using it and I think Andy (Reid) is the guy to do that."