The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO


May 28, 2011


The Missouri Department of Public Safety at 9 p.m. Friday released via its website the names of 31 of the people who lost their lives in the May 22 tornado in Joplin.

State officials said the names were those whose next of kin had received notifications of their deaths. The list of 31 is as follows:

Grace Aquino, 46, of Joplin

Tami L. Campbell, 28, Joplin

Trenton Caton, 6, Pierce City

Raymond Chew, 66, Joplin

Clyde Coleman, 72, Galena, Kansas

Adam Darnaby, 27, Joplin

Ellen Doyle, 75, Joplin

Caley Hare, 16, Joplin

Hayze Howard, 1, Webb City

Harli Howard, 11, Webb City

Thomas Russell Howard, 29, Webb City

Nancy Martin, Miami, Oklahoma, age not confirmed

Randall E. Mell, 49, Joplin

Donald R. Miller, 49, Joplin

Doris Montgomery, 83, Joplin

Sharyl Nelson, 34, Joplin

Dennis M. Osborn, 34, Seneca

Shelly Marie Ramsey, 42, Neosho

Loretta Randell, 54, Joplin

Troy Raney, 39, Joplin

Johnny Richey, 52, Joplin

Tonya L. Sawyer, 41, Fort Scott, Kansas

Judy Smith, 71, Joplin

Virginia Solomon, 80, Joplin

Kayleigh Teal, 16, Pittsburg, Kansas

John Thomas, Jr., 40, Joplin

Sandra K. Thomas, 55, Carthage

Margaret Tuit, 92, Joplin

Miles Wells, 49, Webb City

Tiera Whitley, 20, Fulton, Kansas

Zach Williams, 12, Joplin


The Department of Public Safety will release a daily update of those individuals confirmed as deceased as a result of the tornado, following notification of next-of-kin. The updates will be available on the department Web site,

 The Globe has confirmed the names of the following fatality victims of Sunday’s tornado either through information provided by their families or through funeral homes. The Globe added six more names to the newspaper’s list on Friday. It holds 15 names closely in common with the state’s list and 10 names not on the state list. The state list has 16 names not on the Globe’s list. The list that appears in Saturday’s edition of the Globe is as follows:  

Ray Donald Miller III, 49, of Joplin, resident of a home for the developmentally disabled on Iowa Avenue affectionately known to his family and friends as “Tripp.”

Don Lansaw, 31, of Joplin, married owner of a machine shop.

Stanley D. Kirk, 62, of Joplin, an aircraft engine technician.

M. “Dean” Wells, 59, of Webb City, married father of two adult daughters and grandfather of four children. Dean was a department head at the Home Depot store on Range Line Road.

Adam Dwayne Darnaby, 27, of Joplin, an electrician for Jasper Products who is survived by his wife, parents and two brothers.

Clyde Coleman, 72, of Galena, Kan., former owner and operator of Coleman’s Upholstery Shop in Galena. Coleman is survived by his wife, two daughters and five grandchildren.

Margaret A. Tutt, 92, of Joplin, is survived by her daughter and two grandchildren.

Marie Menhusen Montgomery, 83, of Joplin, a former teacher in Kansas. She is survived by three daughters, a son, some stepchildren and nine grandchildren.

Robert W. Baker, 54, of Joplin, a married father with two daughters and five grandchildren. Baker worked at Cycle Connection.

Virgil “Tom” Reid, 77, of Columbus, Kan., retired owner of SEK Construction and father of five children. He had several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sandra Thomas, 55, of Carthage, an employee of Justin Boots.

Natalia Puebla, 17, of Carthage.

Russell T. “Rusty” Howard, 29, of Joplin, a married father of two children. He was an electrician for PCS Phosphates.

Harli J. Howard, 5, of Joplin, daughter of Russell Howard.

Hayze C. Howard, 1, of Joplin, son of Russell Howard.

Raymond L. Chew Sr., 66, of Joplin, a married father with two sons, a daughter, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was a heavy equipment operator who had worked for the Webb City Special Road District.

Bruce Baillie, 56, of Joplin, a page designer for The Joplin Globe and the father of a college-age daughter.

Glenn Holland, 59, of Joplin, a retired veteran of the Air Force.

Lorie Holland, 59, of Joplin, the wife of Glenn Holland.

JOHN L. THOMAS JR., 40, of Joplin, an employee of Jasper Products and the father of four sons.

LOIS A. COMFORT, 66, of Webb City, married mother of two sons and a daughter, and a longtime employee of EaglePicher.

DENNIS M. OSBORN, 34, of Seneca, married father of two children who worked for Jasper Products.

ESTRELITA M. MOORE, 64, of Joplin, a hairdresser at J.C. Penney.

ELLEN J. DOYLE, 75, of Joplin, a widow and mother of two daughters with five grandchildren who was a homemaker all her life.

GRACE L. AQUINO, 46, of Joplin, married mother of two daughters and a son. She worked as a hostess for the China Pantry.

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