The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 2, 2012

Your View: No to four more years

By Rita Crowell
Special to The Globe

DIAMOND, Mo. — Stating it bluntly, this nation cannot endure another perilous tyrannical anti-God, anti-life and anti-family Democratic-socialistic administration led by President Barack Obama.

Obama’s administration includes a Democratic-dominated Senate, self-appointed liberal czars, liberal federal court judges, two liberal Supreme Court justices, liberal federal government department heads and his own unconstitutional “executive orders.”

The following is only a partial list of Obama’s enacted policies and actions during his presidency:

1. Advocacy of the culture of death by abortion, partial-births and contraception here and abroad.

2. Advocacy of same-sex unions and homosexual agenda in public schools and work places.

3. Policies that have killed millions of jobs.

4. Actions that caused more than trillions of dollars in debt.

5. Policies that allow open homosexuality in our military.

6. Hostility to religion and morality by passing a Health and Human Services mandate that forces religious institutions’ insurance policies to pay for contraceptives and sterilization in violation of their consciences.

7. Enactment of Obamacare, which includes:

A. Rationing — by Obama’s Independent Payment Advisory Board if price is too high for one’s health treatment.

B. Denial of life saving treatment — IPAB’s true death panel if one is too old, a societal burden or too expensive.

C. Privacy violation — government bureaucrats have access to your medical files.

D. Second guessing your doctor — government bureaucrats can come between you and your medical provider and override him.

8. Obamacare is basically a tax, the largest in U.S. history.

9. Does not support English as the nation’s official language.

10. Sends foreign aid to our enemies.

The voters of the United States of America have few days left to take back America from its rapid religious persecution, economic and moral deterioration. Vote for God-loving and God-fearing pro-life candidates on Nov. 6. God wills it.

Rita Crowell