The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 5, 2012

Your View: Voting for Obama

By Peggy Rohman
Special to The Globe

GALENA, Kan. — President Obama had a jobs plan that would have put many more people to work. The plan was vetoed, not by the Republican Party that used to care about people, but by the tea party influence in the House of Representatives.

The group’s influence is shown in Mitt Romney’s selection of a running mate. In selecting Paul Ryan as the vice presidential nominee, Romney showed a disregard for not just minorities, but also poor people (who are now close to being the majority, along with medium-income families).

What the tea party has demonstrated is an extreme, narrow belief system that is focused on only one issue: national debt. Its members have not focused on cooperation with anyone who truly cares about jobs for the people.

Early in the presidential race, I thought Romney might be moderate enough. His decision to select Paul Ryan, a tea party extremist, demonstrated there was scant chance the Republican Party is either truthful or cares about people.

President Obama has shown he has a very broad agenda that includes, or has already included, world respect, peace at home and in the world (think Nobel Peace Prize), and a health care plan that will create jobs as well as help unemployed young people and the elderly. He has delivered in tracking down the terrorists who hurt America, which would have put his office on the line had the plan to catch Osama bin Laden failed.

Consider the disaster the tea party could create when voting for Romney-Ryan and congressional seats. I voted for Obama, and am glad I did.

Peggy Rohman

Galena, Kan.