The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

March 25, 2013

Your View: What veterans think

By Clovis Steele
Special to The Globe

WEBB CITY, Mo. — This subject covers millions of veterans, and I would say almost all of them have a different view of the United States — some good and some not so good.

Most all veterans have their own ideas of how Veterans Affairs and the government conduct programs to assist veterans. Many of us veterans agree about the operations of many of these programs. But there are many who have had bad experiences with some programs, and so they don’t think they were taken care of like they should have been. The VA left a bad taste in their mouths.

I think most all veterans realize they live in the greatest nation on earth, that no other nation has the freedoms that our people have. But I also believe that a lot of us see this freedom eroding as a lot of different organizations and our government don’t want to abide by our Constitution.

Hollywood turns out movies that are not good for children. The movies are made against religion and our government.

College professors teach socialist ideas and their own beliefs instead of sticking to their subjects. We have judges who legislate from the bench instead of following our laws. We have historians trying to rewrite our history so the children won’t even know the real history of their country. They try to take God out of schools but teach evolution and same-sex marriages. They want courts to have different laws for different people.

Many veterans think and know these things are not right and that there is a socialist power grab in Washington.

Clovis Steele

Webb City