The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

August 22, 2013

Your View: Cruel ‘payback’

By Robert Reinhardt
Special to The Globe

MONETT, Mo. — Amanda Good (Globe, Aug. 19) was right in saying that the increase in license fees for shelters was payback for supporting Prop B.

After the voters passed it, the Legislature gutted the bill and began to make rules that would hurt shelters.

Regulations are changed or added so shelters must spend money making changes to their facility that could better be spent helping the animals. Why would they do this to the people who are saving abused and abandoned animals?

Meanwhile, Missouri is still the puppy mill capital of the country. Prop B was supposed to help the dogs that spend their lives in wire cages without adequate food, water, health care, exercise or even human contact.

Their hair is caked with urine and feces that falls from cages above. They suffer in heat and cold. When too old or sick to produce puppies, their fate is to be killed, dumped or sold at auction as bait dogs. Why isn’t the Missouri Department of Agriculture shutting down puppy mills instead of making the job of shelters harder?

Some lucky ones that are dumped get rescued and adopted. We have one such dog. He had a blind eye, infected ears, a urinary tract infection and his teeth were caked with plaque from never being cleaned. Over the next two years, he lost half his teeth.

Today, he is a happy member of our family. Having been involved in dog rescue, I have seen firsthand what these dogs have suffered.

I say this to those who raise these dogs in such horrid conditions: The next time you are dumping food and water into the cages, stop for a moment and actually look into the eyes of one of God’s creatures and realize just what you are doing for a living.

Robert Reinhardt