The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

July 1, 2013

Your View: Government should leave marriage alone

By Gwen Hunt
Special to The Globe

WEBB CITY, Mo. — I am continually amazed and baffled by the fearful, often downright apocalyptic comments coming from opponents of gay marriage.

But, religion aside, I have yet to hear one truly objective and logical argument against it.

For example, Phillip Cosby stated in the Globe story “Rulings favor gay marriage” (June 27) that “It (gay marriage) will disassemble the family unit. The consequences I think will be devastating.”

Exactly how will the millions of heterosexual families in this country be “disassembled”?  

The divorce rate is already 50 percent among those marriages.

Giving the legal rights of marriage to same sex couples won’t affect that one way or the other.  

I would like to know exactly what devastating consequences Mr. Cosby foresees.

In that same story John Putnam thinks Congress, not the Supreme Court, should define marriage.

Given the appalling performance of Congress over the last few years, to say nothing of the outrageously ignorant statements spouted in the name of science and wisdom, this seems horrifyingly inappropriate.

In my view, government has no business telling people whom they can marry. Marriage laws should deal with questions of property and money, and other legalities.

If a particular church wants to refuse to unite same sex couples on religious grounds, that is its prerogative. (You may have noticed that many churches have welcomed same sex couples into the fold.)

Another argument brought forth is that marriage is about procreation.

How does same sex marriage change that?

Many heterosexual couples do not have children. And many same-sex couples do, often adopting children in need of a family.

There is solid evidence all around us of same sex couples in committed life-long relationships, raising children in stable, loving homes, contributing positively to America’s society at every level of endeavor.

In a country founded on the rule of law (not religion), why should they not be equal under that law, as our Constitution mandates?

In the meantime, heterosexual couples will continue to marry, procreate, and go about the business of living as they have for centuries.

As successful as it is, Western Civilization may someday fade away. But I seriously doubt that same-sex marriage will be the cause.

Gwen Hunt

Webb City