The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 19, 2012

Your View: Forward

By Morris Gerken
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — At long last, it’s over — the negative ads, the finger pointing, the outrageous campaign deceptions. Now it’s time for the politically battered and bruised voter to lick wounds, recover and give thanks.

Thanks to you, voter, for turning out in large numbers to cast your ballot despite efforts by some to suppress the vote. Thank you, America, for rejecting trickle-down economics and supporting health care for all, thereby reaffirming, “Yes, we are all in this together.”

Thank you, Missouri, for retaining Claire McCaskill, a sensible choice to represent our state in the U.S. Senate. Thank you, Massachusetts, for selecting Elizabeth Warren, a strong consumer advocate, to work for us in that same U.S. Senate. Thanks to Vermont for re-electing Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent, to continue his struggle for the poor and middle classes. And America, thank you for sending five new women to the U.S. Senate, creating a record-breaking 25 female members in that institution. Hopefully, this addition will rescue the level of testosterone and instill a more thoughtful concern in actions from that body.

Democracy is a messy thing. It’s far from perfect. We all have problems with some voter choices. But now that this round is over, maybe we can come together for the benefit of all, not just a select few. I suspect that a glass of water is neither half full nor half empty, but rather in constant need of measurement. democracy must be closely monitored and continually adjusted. Like the slender sapling, democracy must bend or break when subjected to the winds of change. Compromise provides that flexibility. For without it, democracy fails.

In order to go forward, to strengthen and grow, we must agree to compromise. After all America, forward is the choice the voter has made.

Morris Gerken