The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 15, 2012

Your View: Postelection thoughts

By Gail Hurlbut
Special to The Globe

DIAMOND, Mo. — In my lifetime, I have had the privilege of voting in many presidential elections, and that is one of the many freedoms I cherish living in this country.

I was raised in a small town with Democratic relatives and Republican friends, so I prefer not to have either label. I have always voted for the person I believe is best. I keep an open mind with all presidential elections, but this particular election has been more of a concern for me as an American.

I am proud of the label of being an American. So much more was at stake for our country in this election. The Democrats ran a much better campaign than the Republicans, and that is why we have a Democratic president again. Not that I agree with the tactics both parties used, but it was obvious that the Republicans made several mistakes.

The main mistake for Missouri is that Todd Akin did not lose the election for the Senate because of his statements about rape. He lost the election because Republicans turned their backs on him. No matter how stupid the statements made by Democrats, they stick together. The Republicans did not have enough sense to do that.

After reviewing all the issues that Mr. Akin stood for, I proudly voted for him in the primary election, which he won. My vote counted in Missouri, or so I thought. After his statement about rape, of course, I was seriously thinking like any female would. But when he was told by members of his own party to get out of the election, I lost respect for the Republican Party on the national, state and local level. That was a big mistake, and that was why Todd Akin lost the election. His Democratic opponents knew that and used the words from the Republicans against Mr. Akin in political ads.

Todd Akin did not lose by many votes, which proves that he could have won the election in Missouri with continued support from the Republican Party. He did not have that support. I respect Mr. Akin for staying in the election and getting the many votes he did get. Many voters in Missouri wanted him to win, and I am one of them. God bless Todd Akin and his family.

Mr. Akin, someone needs to apologize to you.

Gail Hurlbut