The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 24, 2013

Your View: Deserves comment

By Maurice Filson
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — Normally I refrain from commenting on a rebuttal to my letters, but this one is deserving.

Janice McKinney, of Miami, Okla., wrote to the Globe on April 11 in reference to one of them.

First of all, my comments were based on facts. If my letter is nonfactual, the Globe will either correct it or not print it at all; I like that. Second, the “rich” are simply paying within compliance to what is spelled out for them to pay. Third, how many people looking for a job are hired by a poor person? None. How many people are hired by the “rich”? Under the rules and smothering regulations imposed by this presidential administration, not many.

This is why our economy is stagnant. Fourth, and to be factual, the Democratic-controlled Senate has voted against every budget Obama has sent to them, but the liberal news media refrain from acknowledging that. In regard to abortion, if McKinney’s parents and my parents had opted for abortion, neither of us would be writing these letters. We wouldn’t be here.

The bald eagle, great white whale and various endangered species have protective rights. The unborn are refused. We rail about other countries (as my past writings have mentioned) for their lack of respect toward human rights.

By the way, Missourians will take care for Missourians. Outside help is not requested.

Maurice Filson