The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

June 2, 2012

Sunday Forum: Soda decision up to individual, readers say

JOPLIN, Mo. — On the day New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that “the sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March,” we asked our Facebook readers what they thought about the plan. Here’s what they said:

“Or you could just let people ... you know ... be free to make their own choices?”

— Kelly Maddy

“Another example of freedom being killed by overbearing politicians.”

— Chris Erdmann

“Being health-conscious is a personal choice. It should not ever be up to any level of government to dictate the availability of a commercial product like this. How can we justify banning sales of soda larger than 16 ounces while still allowing and taxing the sale of cigarettes?”

— Christopher Vore

“That is not right in any way!”

— Starlene Busby

“I used to drink a lot of Coca-Cola (and other soda pop), then I made the decision to stop drinking it and now I drink mostly water. It wasn’t hard, I just decided to not drink it anymore. I wasn’t forced to stop drinking it due to a tax or my health. It was my personal decision that I was able to make on my own. The problem is people not taking responsibility for their own lives and actions.”

— Jeff N. Johnson

“Obesity is an EPIDEMIC! Measures like this should be taken to fight obesity, which will in turn change the health care industry and eventually lower the economic strain. Obviously Americans have taken these once ‘special treats’ and super-sized them to disgusting proportions just because they could. I’m in favor.”

— Niki Corcoran

“Is it good to drink huge quantities of soft drinks? That’s not the question. The question is why is it any of Mayor Bloomberg’s business?”

— Joe Keefhaver

“I like it!”

— Robyn King Wade

“This is going overboard. Plus a lot of the ‘fruit juices’ have as much if not more sugar than sodas. Yet, these are not included on the list? Government needs to stay out of people’s lives. If I choose to purchase a large drink and share it with my three children, then so be it. The government needs to focus on the real problems, like the economy, jobs, etc.”

— Keri Van Dyk

“I’m an adult, and if I want some huge drink, then get over it. It’s not anyone’s fault for being overweight but their own.”

— Julie Shivley

“Nobody who lives on the planet needs to be reminded of the consequences of sugar water. Does the law prohibit buying multiples? Government expansion and intervention is much deadlier than sugar water. What’s next? Ban fat people?”

— William Neubert

“Water, water, water.”

— Karen Jordan