The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

January 28, 2013

Your View: Pointing fingers

By Teresa Olson-Babcock
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — My comment is directed to a Facebook post on the Globe’s page regarding the issue of gun control. The comment was used in the Jan. 20 edition.

I take offense with your characterization of myself or anyone else as “a special kind of stupid” simply because our views differ from those of yours. It is your type of attitude and labeling that facilitate the vitriol existing so pervasively throughout this country of ours today.

As I read the post I was immediately reminded of a brief statement I once read and consider applicable to the comments. “There are no solutions at the end of a pointed finger.”

God does not judge us, nor should you.

Teresa Olson-Babcock