The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

May 8, 2012

Our View: It’s your decision

The Joplin Globe

— Joplin’s calendar of events for the next three weeks is filled with bittersweet reminders of life the way it was a year ago.

Among the offerings is a concert slated Saturday that has been composed especially for Joplin’s tornado anniversary, an interfaith service called “Remembrance, Recovery and Responsibility,” the screening of three documentaries, a memorial run and a Walk of Unity through the path of the EF-5 tornado that destroyed nearly one-third of our town on May 22.

For some of you, these events are opportunities to reunite with friends, express your condolences or, in some cases, face your nightmares.

For others, the month of May represents a hurdle that might be too high.

Remember this: There’s nothing written that says you must attend all or any of the events if you are not ready. The ceremonies are being offered with the community in mind. They will be uplifting as well as heart-rending.

In our view, there is no right or wrong way to respond to a disaster that claimed the lives of 161 people, destroyed homes, businesses, schools and a hospital, and forever changed the way we live in the Joplin community.

How you observe the anniversary of the tornado is up to you. Whether you join hands with hundreds, or hold only one, it is important that you remember May 22 in your own way.

We applaud the thousands of people who have worked hard to make sure we will always remember May 22. The Globe will make sure we keep our community informed of observances and that we cover them in our newspaper.

Attend if you can, but make no apologies if you can’t.

It takes an understanding community to heal itself.