The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 29, 2012

Your View: No loopholes or attorneys

By Steve Goebel
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — Moderate Republicans are socially moderate deficit hawks. You don’t pay down debts with military pork, welfare and tax cuts for tycoons. You do it by making workers more efficient, paying enough that they can afford to buy your product and selling to other countries because you are efficient.

If the workers have to ask for food stamps so the executives can get bonuses, they won’t be able to afford your product.

When Andrew Carnegie sold his steel mills to J.P. Morgan, he was many times wealthier than Mitt Romney, not including his personal fortune. He had nothing to spend this gargantuan fortune on because he was already living in splendor while his workers were living in squalor. Tycoons have an ethical bypass; they are anti-capitalist capitalists who use their fortunes to drive others out of business so they can raise prices and to ship jobs to China so they can reduce wages.

In 1900, one dollar out of every 74 belonged to John D. Rockefeller. He got that rich by driving the other oil companies out of business and laying off their workers so he could raise his prices. To polish his image, Rockefeller became famous by giving dimes to strangers.

The Chinese have gotten rid of their bikes and own more cars than we do. So we are building oil pipelines to the Gulf Coast to ship oil to China. Maybe you don’t have a job, but at least the oil companies are doing OK, thanks to George Bush’s foresight giving companies tax credits for the Chinese factories.

Tycoons need tax cuts to speed up the process of driving capitalists out of business. Donald Trump and I have one thing in common — we pay capital gains tax at the same rate. I just don’t have offshore banks and loopholes and tax attorneys.

Steve Goebel