The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

December 6, 2012

Your View: School trip will provide memories

By Ann Leach
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — I don’t know John Archer, but I love him. To be more precise, I love what he’s helped to coordinate for area students: the Williamsburg Experience.

I was born and raised in Norfolk, Va., until age 6, and my most favorite memories of that time were summers at Virginia Beach and the yearly elementary school field trips to Williamsburg. I am forever grateful for those trips to the great sites of our history: Monticello, Washington, D.C., Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg and the opportunity to learn more about my roots.

And now some area kids will get the chance to learn and grow from their own memories, thanks to Mr. Archer’s vision and the giving back from so many funding sources who know the value of seeing history come to life. Thank you all for your gifts. Is there a way the public can contribute to future trips? I’d love to give a small gift in honor of my own Virginia history.

Student Jarret Dotson’s enthusiasm and anticipation for walking the “hallowed ground” was touching and encouraging and took me back so many years. It is a thrill to walk those streets and enter those buildings knowing who walked there before you all those years ago. Jarret, I hope you guys find the bakery tucked behind the Raleigh Tavern off of Duke of Gloucester Street; they’ve got authentic and awesome gingerbread cookies.

Ann Leach