The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

June 13, 2013

Your View: Enraged

By Robert and Nancy Harwell
Special to The Globe

CARTHAGE, Mo. — As retired teachers we are enraged that Supt. C.J. Huff and the Joplin Board of Education have terminated Randy Turner from the Joplin School District.

Hang your heads in shame. You have “erred and strayed like lost sheep.”

If a teacher has taught for 14 years in a school system, it would stand to reason that he had been thoroughly evaluated and any immoral behavior would have surfaced during that time.

He obviously was an outstanding and great educator inspiring students to write with flair and creativity.

Mr. Turner has not only lost his reputation and teaching position, but the students have lost a wonderful teacher.

Teaching in the Joplin School District is not a position we would recommend to anyone.

Robert and Nancy Harwell