The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

August 5, 2012

ELECTION LETTERS: Removing the ‘county’ label

— I am attempting to ignore some of the comments and complaints between the Jasper County Commission and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. It seems to me there is always going to be conflict between those who believe they are doing the right thing for the citizens of the county.

However, recently I was amazed with the commissions’ decision to remove the word “county” from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Benevolent Fund, now apparently just the Jasper ****** Sheriff’s Office Benevolent Fund.

I got to thinking about this. Is this to say that the commission has the rights to the word “county”? Was there not a Jasper County prior to the current commission, or possibly before a commission was even established? What about Jasper, can the commission take that word away from the Sheriff’s office also? Actually, I’m sure the name Jasper, along with the word county, was being used before Jasper County was even established.

So, I checked on this and found that, according to Wikipedia, the name Jasper is derived from the Greek work iaspis — spotted or speckled stone. If correct, that would be indicative the word itself was used prior to the current usage in our area.

Again, using the same useful reference, county is derived from the old French term “conté” and could denote a jurisdiction.

It’s a shame that this fund, which has been used for the Shop with a Deputy program, food baskets, coins to support breast cancer awareness and other activities that support and assist those in the county, cannot be embraced by the commission. I would think they would be proud to be associated with it.

I guess it all comes down to control.

With all the other important issues, problems and concerns that are currently ongoing in the world, I would think everyone would be more concerned about those than if the word “county” appears on a particular checking account.

Kevin Mitchell