The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 11, 2013

Your View: Sorry for Missourians

By Janice McKinney
Special to The Globe

MIAMI, Okla. — Regarding a letter from Maurice Filson of Joplin (Globe, April 3): Instead of finding fault with President Barack Obama, he should be finding exception with his Missouri legislators.

They are the ones cutting taxes for the rich and putting a burden on the working and poor.

All he needs to do is read the paper.

I feel sorry for Missourians. Instead of voting their own lame politicians out of office, they point a finger at Obama, whose great ideas are stifled by the Republican Party.

I do wish men would keep out of our wombs. They do not have to give birth, raise or nurture children for the rest of their life. They have little obligation, except some support financially. Some actually do give time and energy to their children. Some are just there for the fun part of it.

Janice McKinney

Miami, Okla.