The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 3, 2013

Your View: There they go again

By Richard G. Green
Special to The Globe

OZARK, Mo. — During a debate, Ronald Reagan once replied to his opponent by saying, “There you go again.”

Today, that quote certainly applies to his Republican Party. Before they left on spring break, Missouri’s Republican senators gave their approval to Senate Bill 26.

In addition to starving our schools and communities of resources, the bill would give millionaires a huge tax cut while the 40 percent of Missourians earning less than $33,000 per year — particularly senior citizens on limited incomes — would actually pay more. Progress Missouri has cited some related quotes; The Springfield News-Leader says Senate Bill 26 is “an ill-devised plan” that is “dangerous ... to the quality of life in economically flourishing Southwest Missouri.”

Gov. Jay Nixon says Senate Bill 26 is the “wrong approach” because it “raises taxes on all seniors, veterans and working families.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that “except for the poor and working poor (who are used to being hosed down by the Legislature), the biggest potential losers in the Senate’s proposals are senior citizens living on Social Security.” And education leaders say “the negative impact that (Senate Bill 26) is going to have in education around Missouri is almost beyond belief.” Refer to The Missouri Budget Project,, for more details. Call your legislators today and tell them enough is enough. From dismantling Medicaid expansion to protecting the wealthiest people, Republican legislators continue to ignore their constituents by promoting their own self-serving agenda. There they go again.

 Richard G. Green