The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 5, 2012

Your View: Takes more than a word

By Dianne Slater
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — In response to Marilyn Dean’s accusation (Globe, Oct 31) that Mitt Romney called Joplin’s tornado relief “immoral,” I would like to see the entire statement rather than making meaning out of just one word.

Such a position would be totally out of character, and it makes me wonder if it was yet another excerpt. If you spend unexpected dollars in one place, you have to replace them from another. It’s no different than when you have an unexpected emergency repair to your home or car — you have to figure out where the money to fix it is going to come from and how you are going to replace it. The same will apply as a result of Hurricane Sandy — someone will have to ask where the money is going to come from.

As for Barack Obama, we all have learned over the past four years how generous he is with our tax dollars. Our national debt is racing toward disaster. I’m grateful for the monetary help, and I think our city manager has led an outstanding team in restoring Joplin. At the same time, I think advantage has been taken. Joplin isn’t just being returned to what it was — it’s being taken way beyond, with over-the-top plans for libraries, schools and commercial other endeavors.

Be grateful for Obama’s two trips to Joplin, if you want, but remember that he wasn’t running for re-election then. He had plenty of time to visit between golfing and luxurious vacations. His true character showed when he jumped on a plane to Nevada to go campaigning the morning after Americans were murdered in Libya, in a woefully unprotected consulate that had been begging for more security, in an unstable and dangerous country. Their calls for help during the attack went unanswered for hours while the State Department watched the slaughter in real time. Obama still won’t address the American people and tell them the truth about what really happened, and why for many days the government insisted the act was caused by a virtually unknown and irrelevant video.

Dianne Slater