The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 12, 2012

Timothy Arr: ‘Support our troops’

By Timothy Arr
Special to The Globe

SARCOXIE, Mo. — Timothy Arr, Third place

Grade 12, Sarcoxie High School

Parent, Kandace Eck

Teacher, Matt Beaver

Veterans have defended my liberty and freedom by sacrificing their time and lives for other people. They did not have to be told to fight; they chose to fight for our country. Though veterans sacrifice their lives for us, we often treat them badly and do not give them the respect they deserve. Veterans need to be respected and shown that they are needed in our lives. Veterans are warriors and need to be seen as heroes.

Veterans are constantly fighting for our freedom. These veterans defend people who often don’t deserve it; however, they still fight for our freedom and our country. These men and women sacrifice their time and their lives. Veterans could be spending time with their families, which they do not see very often. People often overlook veterans’ sacrifices for our country. They get shot at and shoot at people. People die each day serving our country and see others killed in action. Veterans are the coolest people in the world and deserve to be treated that way.

Veterans have defended MY liberty and freedom by being brave and courageous while also sacrificing their time and their lives for all of us. Veterans deserve our greatest appreciation and deserve to be honored as heroes. Veterans are a part of our history and will always be around, so it’s time to treat them well and show them we care. They need all the support they can get. Support our troops.