The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 12, 2012

Steven Patrick: ‘Great respect’

By Steven Patrick
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — Steven Patrick, First place

Grade 10, McAuley Catholic High School

Parent, Cassandra Patrick

Teacher, Kaara Schrader

Veterans have defended my liberty and freedom by making our country, which encourages those values, safe, and by keeping it free. Without veterans, there would be no United States.

The Revolutionary War couldn’t have happened without people willing to die for our rights to liberty. If no one was willing to step up to fight for our country, we could kiss the “American Dream” goodbye. They call it “The American Dream” because we Americans live lives of great happiness and freedom. But, without the sacrifice veterans have made for our country, we wouldn’t be free. Our country’s brave men have been sent into battle not only to secure our freedom, but also to spread our country’s ideas of liberty and freedom throughout the world.

Our veterans should be shown the utmost respect, because they are what stood between our values of freedom and the threat other countries pose to us. Veterans are living, breathing examples of why America is free. They have made virtually everything possible. Like I stated earlier, without soldiers willing to fight Britain, we wouldn’t be free. We would still be colonies.

My grandfather is a Vietnam veteran, and he has secured my own liberty by fighting for our country when we really needed it. Terrible things happened in Vietnam, but our boys endured. He is a very interesting person, and I am proud to be the grandson of him.

War veterans have always had great respect from me, and I am always filled with pride toward my country when I see any soldier, active or retired. War veterans have made our country possible and that is how they secured my freedom and liberty.