The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

October 31, 2012

Your View: Denying Americans

By Kaye Smith
Special to The Globe

PIERCE CITY, Mo. — In regard to Marta Mossburg’s column (Globe, Oct. 28) in which she states, “it is impossible to participate in modern society without a photo ID.”  Yes, it is possible and is done daily by a segment of our population.

Her opinion mirrors that of Missouri secretary of state candidate Shane Schoeller, who was quoted as saying, “You can’t function in society without a photo ID.  You can’t rent a movie, cash a check or get on a plane without one.”

These voices are disappointing because they either (1) operate at a level that does not realize some Americans live without these options, or (2) those Americans are the very ones they wish to deny a vote.

Some Americans don’t rent movies (they either don’t want to or have nothing on which to play them), cash a check (no checking account) or fly on a plane (cannot afford a ticket).  None of these activities has a constitutionally guaranteed right. Voting does!

 Which is more disappointing — (1) they either have no idea how privileged and elevated their lives are, or (2) they don’t think those without them should be allowed to vote? Most disappointing of all — the transparent, even blatant, attempt to deny Americans the right to vote will go agreed with or unnoticed. Oh well, those Americans probably can’t afford a subscription to a newspaper.

 Kaye Smith

 Pierce City