The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

June 25, 2013

Our View: Back on Broadway

The Joplin Globe

— It is good to be able to now “get there from here” in terms of traveling on Langston Hughes-Broadway to reach Florida Avenue.

The Joplin city project is complete and the detour signs are gone, allowing motorists to make a straight line to Florida. The new street eliminates a confusing and dangerous intersection of Buchanan Road with Florida Avenue farther north of the new intersection. Jack Schaller, assistant public works director, said the new street will be designated as Broadway. What had been Buchanan Road, which curves off Broadway and intersects with Florida, will now serve mainly as an access road to nearby properties.

Take the drive and you will notice the newly paved streets and the sidewalks that line both sides from St. Louis to Florida avenues.

The project, which took longer than expected to complete, came in at $900,000, under the $1.29 million budget. The two-lane street also has a convenient center turn lane.

The project was paid for through the three-eighths-cent capital improvement sales tax approved by voters in 2004.

While Joplin is focused on bringing back the devastated tornado zone, it is really good to see improvements elsewhere in the city. We like the looks of the sidewalks and hope they can be extended now from St. Louis on west, making for an easy walk to downtown Joplin.