The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

February 27, 2013

Our View: Looming lunacy in D.C.

The Joplin Globe

— The looming meat-cleaver approach to governing this country is ridiculous.  But so is uncontrolled spending.

Something needs be done now, but no one can reach agreement on what to do, effectively.

It is ridiculous to spend time and energy arguing over which political party is causing the sequester, a long list of budget cuts that could happen within days. Exactly how painful they will be is still anyone’s guess. Predictions about cuts to local air service, teachers, the national parks system, military spending, mental health services and Head Start programs are being used in less-than-precise terms, leaving us to wonder exactly what may, could or will happen on March 1.

The sequester should not have been passed and signed into law in the first place. Once that happened, the supercommittee should have resolved the issue. Once it failed, the problem could have been resolved during the “fiscal cliff” negotiation. That failed as well. Like it or not, the sequester will go through unless someone has the insight to prevent it and can persuade the other side to go along.

This country made a small step on Jan. 1 to begin a deficit reduction program. We passed laws to raise taxes on the rich to the tune of about $60 billion per year. Had that money only been used for purposes of deficit reduction, then the country could claim some progress in that worthy effort.

But welcome to Washington, D.C., where the federal government is acting like a bunch of aggressive football players, not governors of We the People.

We wonder when national leaders will start leading and stop fighting.