The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

February 21, 2013

Your View: Protecting ourselves

By Don Adams
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — A recent Joplin Globe front page (Feb. 4) shows four police officers armed with assault rifles and two more officers armed with semi-automatic handguns in a training session. These officers are always armed with semi-automatic weapons, usually carrying at least two handguns, a stun gun and pepper spray while wearing bullet proof vests.

The government wants to relieve us of our automatic guns because, in the eyes of some politicians, they are just too dangerous. We the public are interacting with and meeting these same criminals as the police, yet they want to take away our semi-automatic weapons.

If a highly trained police officer needs these guns for their protection, what are we supposed to do: call 911, then throw our cellphone at the crook and wait for a police officer to respond 10 minutes later while a bullet is traveling at us at 3,000 feet per second?

The way to stop illegal guns is with legal guns in the hands of honest law-abiding Americans. Policemen want to be armed to the teeth to defend themselves, but they want us to be sheep for the slaughter.

At President Barack Obama’s inauguration, he had thousands of armed police, armored vehicles, snipers, CIA and FBI armed with assault rifles, and the sky protected by fighter jets; all of this because he is in peril from bad guys with guns just as we, ordinary citizens, are. We must protect ourselves and our families, as we are the first line of defense. Police come later to count the casualties and investigate.

The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect us from our neighbors but to protect us from our government.

Don Adams