The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

July 5, 2013

Your View: Memorial Hall future

By Walter Kane
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — In about two years from now, the new Joplin High School will be open. Now is the time to think about what will become of Memorial Hall.

A lot has been discussed about revitalizing downtown Joplin and a lot of ideas have been proposed.

 Back in the 1920s, Joplin’s veterans groups got together and proposed that a Memorial Hall be constructed. It would be a place where the whole community could gather and enjoy some time together. In other words build a convention center in downtown Joplin.

The city of Joplin did just that. It was to be a place where we could enjoy sports, music, vaudeville, etc. It was a place where we would pay homage to those who gave their lives for Joplin and their country so that we could enjoy the many freedoms that we have today in America.

It is time for the residents of Joplin to get together and think once again about creating a remembrance for those who have and those who are now giving of their time and lives for us. In other words, a new and bigger memorial hall could be built on the site of the present Memorial Hall.

This would bring more people into Joplin and be a viable place for all of us to get together.

Walter Kane