The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 15, 2013

Your View: Arrogant government

By Burney Johnson
Special to The Globe

DIAMOND, Mo. — What is marriage? It is a union of the two sexes.

What about the term “traditional marriage”? That’s a redundancy. All marriages are traditional.

What about the term “homosexual marriage”? That’s an oxymoron, two words contradicting each other.

Calling a homosexual arrangement a marriage and then speaking of traditional marriage as distinguished from homosexual marriage is like calling a dog a cat and then speaking of a traditional cat as distinguished from a canine cat.

Calling a thing by a different name does not change the nature of that thing. A government may be so arrogant as to rewrite the dictionary, but it can never be so powerful as to repeal the law of nature.

Burney Johnson