The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO


July 21, 2012

Sunday Forum: U.S. Senate hopefuls asked to pen own endorsements

The Joplin Globe asked Sarah Steelman, Todd Akin and John Brunner, all Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, and the Democratic incumbent, Claire McCaskill, to tell our readers why they should be elected. They were asked specifically to address jobs, health care and concerns of the middle class. Here are their letters:

Missouri needs citizen senator to get America working

I am running for the U.S. Senate because Washington is broken and career politicians are part of the problem. As our government continues to spend money it doesn’t have, add regulations that only burden job creators, and stall on passing pro-growth reforms, we all can agree it’s time for a change in leadership.

I’m not a politician. While my opponents have spent their careers in politics, manufacturing debt and nearly running our country off the fiscal cliff, I’ve spent my career as a Marine and a manufacturer — creating jobs and leading our family-owned, Missouri-based manufacturing company to record success.

At a time of soaring debt, bloated government, budget-busting laws and burdensome regulations that only strangle job creation, Missourians are craving a leader with the job-creating background and experience needed to ignite America’s economic might. As a manufacturer, I’ve made the tough decisions of balancing budgets, building a business and hiring employees, and I’m prepared to apply that same mindset to Washington.

After building a successful American business, I look around and all I see are leaders who refuse to make necessary but difficult spending cuts, shrink the size of government and enact pro-growth policies to revitalize private-sector growth. As Missouri’s next citizen senator, I will use my private-sector experience to support pro-growth policies that create jobs and restore America’s prosperity.

I know the devastating effects massive federal regulations, burdensome taxes, soaring energy costs and frivolous lawsuits have on private-sector growth and job creation. By repealing burdensome regulations, reinvesting in American energy, reforming the corporate and individual tax code, and implementing comprehensive tort reform, we can reignite our economy and bring about a return to American prosperity.

But the biggest and most immediate threat to family farmers, small business owners and American manufacturers is Obamacare. This horrible legislation is riddled with onerous federal mandates that will put American entrepreneurs out of business and will end up being the largest tax on the middle class in American history. In addition to implementing my four-point plan, it’s crucial that we fully repeal Obamacare and replace it with sensible, common-sense solutions to health care reform that empower consumers, not government bureaucrats. I will fight to make health care more accessible and affordable by enacting comprehensive medical malpractice tort reform, making insurance purchasable across state lines, broadening the availability of health savings accounts, and allowing individuals to control their own insurance policies by making them portable, thereby alleviating pre-existing condition considerations when someone changes jobs.

Instituting my four-point plan, coupled with repealing Obamacare and replacing it with free-market solutions, will create jobs, ignite our economy and strengthen America’s middle class. I volunteered for the Marines because I was ready to serve my country. With Washington spending money it doesn’t have and passing regulations that destroy job growth, I’m ready to serve my country again and get America working again as Missouri’s next citizen senator.

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