The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

January 15, 2013

Our View: Let’s take a vote

The Joplin Globe

— What is a majority? Sounds like a simple question with a simple answer: A majority is the number of people who prevail in a decision in a democratic society.

In deciding exactly what a majority opinion might be, we must hold a vote, which is the democratic way of allowing the majority to rule.

In terms of the constitutional method to conduct our fiscal affairs, our federal government has failed in many recent cases to allow a majority to rule. It has done so by not allowing a vote on contentious issues.

When was the last time we held a vote on a national budget? Bottom line is that we have not done so.  Instead we have only votes on continuing resolutions, and then Congress continues to spend more money.

Welcome to politics. We have a divided government as the result of one party controlling the House and the other the Senate.

The impasse was finally broken Jan. 1. Both the House and the Senate actually voted on legislation that avoided the “fiscal cliff.” No question at all that the majority prevailed in that vote.

Why can’t our Congress operate that way all the time? Let one side pass a bill and the other debate and vote on the issue.

Unless that happens, how will a compromise ever be reached?

What is wrong with expressing one’s views by voting instead of just yacking?