The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

February 7, 2013

Your View: Focus on the cause

By Dianne Slater
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — Well and truly said, Blaine Cornelius (Globe “Your view,” Jan. 31). Leave it to the politicians to never miss an opportunity to preen before the cameras, holding themselves up as protectors of the people, while their true and less-than-honorable motives remain hidden.

 The Founding Fathers were beyond wise when they included the provision of a right to bear arms. Their memories were fresh and they took measures to protect this country from a repeat of history — something we have seen happen many times in many places since then, but not here, at least not yet. We must not let their foresight and our freedom be trampled on by the self-serving, or those mistakenly being led down the garden path.

Guns need people in order to kill, and the people that use them to kill are almost always mentally ill, as was the case in Newtown, Conn.

The cost of treatment for mental illness is beyond the reach of most everyone, especially those in need. Sure, there is forced commitment in a state facility by the courts. But the limited stay is hardly adequate for the seriously ill, and they are released, ready or not.

The gun is not the cause of Newtown, Columbine or the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting. The person with the gun, no matter the kind, is the cause. The same effect could be had with a bomb — remember Timothy McVeigh.

The person bent on killing will find a way. You cannot take away every source available to them. Taking away guns would not eliminate the killing, but it would take away one of our most important and essential freedoms. We need to focus on the cause of the killing — not the instrument.

Dianne Slater