The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

March 5, 2013

Your View: Think about the kids

By Janice Rohman
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — How can any child or family of four afford the prices being suggested for the new Schifferdecker pool?

When food is being sent home with most of the kids on weekends to have something to eat, how could they possibly have money to pay $4 to swim?

Can’t the city give the kids one thing for a reasonable fee? Even at 75 cents, many kids will not have the money. Would the city rather have a full pool or an empty one? Won’t it cost the same to keep it open, empty or full? 

How can a family working for minimum wage pay $15 to $20 for a couple of hours to swim? 

I do not live in the city, just outside off 32nd Street, but I grew up and have worked in Joplin all my life. Surely someone on the City Council grew up poor and can understand that you cannot supply all recreation for your kids no matter how much you want to. Shelter, food and health come first. Let’s give it to the kids. Let’s think about the kids first this time. 

Janice Rohman