The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 9, 2012

Your View: Arrogance of power

By Bob Noel
Special to The Globe

LAMAR, Mo. — It is difficult to fully comprehend the enormity of the 16 Afghanistan citizens gunned down in the middle of the night by an obviously deranged American soldier.

Included were nine children who were at the threshold of life. This was not collateral damage, but just one manifestation of a misguided foreign policy that has our government intervening all over the globe.

To quote Sen. Roy Blunt: “The United States plays an important role in protecting and promoting values we can be proud of around the world.”

Why do we feel that we must project our military power around the world to promote our values? After the Vietnam War debacle — knowing that the American people would not stand for a draft — the plan became to hire private contractors to do everything but fight. So in the process, and primarily because of unnecessary interventions, the military has become stretched to the breaking point, and thus we have tragedies such as what recently happened in Afghanistan.

After multiple tours of duty, don’t blame the soldiers. Blame those in Washington with an arrogance of power that has caused this nation problems for many years.

Bob Noel