The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

October 11, 2012

Your View: Why move it?

By Howard Forsythe
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — The decision to dig it up and move it may already be made, but some people in Joplin think the “Hope High School” marker should stay right where it is. Virtually everybody passes 20th and Indiana with some frequency and many look in its direction every time.

Since May 22 last year that sign has become an eye magnet. Sure, it was noticeable before that, but the duct tape was a work of simple genius that has made it an iconic symbol. It has become a monument. And not just for those in Joplin. It made national news. It represents what happened here that awful day.

But if the sign itself is an icon, its location is part of what makes it one. I can’t picture passing that intersection without seeing it.

Apparently, the plan is to put it in storage for display someday in a tornado museum. It doesn’t need to be stored. It doesn’t need a museum. It is already stored in the very place where it has the most meaning — right where it all happened.

So, to Dr. C.J. Huff and our city fathers, if you happen to read this, please think again. There is no better place for that marker right where it is.

The cross at St. Mary’s Church still stands where it did. The Hope High School sign should too.

Howard Forsythe