The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

October 17, 2012

Your View: What would Jesus do?

By David Shipp
Special to The Globe

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. — These days, one often hears the terms “voting Christian” and “voting Bible.” Most people take it to mean that voting in this manner reflects your views on some hot button social issues that have nothing to do with governing a country.

Here is what “voting Christian” and “voting Bible” mean in my opinion: Voting for the candidate(s) who show genuine compassion, promote fairness and equality, want to take care of people who can’t help themselves, and put the good of the nation above their own political interests. Kind of like that Jesus fellow who taught and preached during his earthly ministry (read about Him and how he loved everyone and even was close to sinners and those who disagreed with him in the four gospels).

“Voting Christian” has nothing to do with gay marriage, abortion, prayer in school, or other issues some might see as “Bible-related.” “Voting Christian” means voting for the men and women who care most about their fellow human beings, sort of like that Jesus fellow.

David Shipp

Castro Valley, Calif.

Former Nevada, Mo., resident