The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

October 18, 2012

Our View: Round two

The Joplin Globe

— With the presidential election only a few weeks away, it’s still far too close to call as to who is the front-runner. Tuesday night’s debate probably made the race even closer.

We hope voters make their final decision based on careful thought and not just the spin coming from both sides. There are in fact two very different and opposing views as to how to move the country to firmer economic and international positions.

Few, if any, Americans are satisfied with our economy. After the recent events in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East, many are now paying more attention to how we deal with other members of the international community, particularly those who oppose American interests and ideas.

Watching the latest presidential debate, we saw two men who each firmly believe that his way is the right way. We also saw those two men almost get down to the level of a playground with charges, countercharges and intransigence from both sides.

Of course, that will only promote more and more stalemate after the election is over, no matter which candidate or party wins in the race for the White House and both houses of Congress. Perhaps it is time to consider which presidential candidate will best be suited to find room for compromise over the next four years based on the needs of all Americans.

To improve America, compromise will be needed. So a major decision by voters should be to decide who best can achieve that through effective leadership based on past performance, experience, careful reasoning and pragmatic ideas — not just ideology.

While ideology may be all right in a rhetorical debate, what really counts for all Americans is what is achieved legislatively and in the execution of all the laws governing our country.

We encourage our readers to set aside the talking points and consider which candidates at all levels can effectively govern our country, not just talk about governing.