The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

October 1, 2012

Your View: Viewer interrupted

By Keith Bryant
Special to The Globe

NEOSHO, Mo. — Dear TV stations: I have lived most of my nearly 60 years in Southwest Missouri. It has rained (I have the sense to come in if needed), it has hailed (again, I came inside if needed), we’ve had thunder, lightning, and yes tornadoes, which, if needed, I have taken cover.  

You on the other hand sit in your windowless rooms with no TV on and interrupt prime-time television for every little storm. You interrupt dialogue-intense programming so that we miss the plot and have wasted our time viewing your program. How about this? Blow the commercial time and give us our program. We would be much more intent on watching a program if we know that we will see the entire program.

Yes, if a tornado is on the ground, by all means interrupt programming. But anythng less is just plain rude. If I coud, I would interrupt yourprogram just to show you how it feels.

Keith Bryant