The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 5, 2012

Your View: We can do better

By Clovis Steele
Special to The Globe

WEBB CITY, Mo. — Our economy is far from being good. We have about 23 million people out of work, even more on the welfare rolls, and some 40 million on food stamps. So, the supermarket industry now relies on food stamps for about 30 percent of its business . Also, prices are higher, family incomes are lower and we have about 39 million Americans in poverty. We owe about $4 trillion more than we did four years ago, so none of us are better off.

Our international problems are getting worse. We get rid of a dictator in the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood takes over. Iran is a big problem. Many times sanctions and talk will not work. They haven’t with North Korea. Iraq will continue to have trouble until the Sunnis topple the Shiites whom we put in. We still have about 130 troops in Iraq, plus 15,000 across the border in Kuwait. We have trouble in Africa. President Clinton said our troops in Kosovo would be there three more years, and we still have about 1,500 there. We have problems just about everywhere.

With our debt at $16 trillion and rising, we cannot be the world police, putting troops in 150 countries and giving money away that we don’t have. You can’t borrow 30 percent that you spend each day and survive. We can and must do better.

Clovis Steele

Webb City