The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 12, 2012

Arianda Morales: ‘Everything comes with a price’

By Arianda Morales
Special to The Globe

SOUTHWEST CITY, Mo. — Arianda Morales, Second place

Grade 8, Southwest City Elementary

Parents, Juan and Teresa Morales

Teacher, Elaine Aiken

Veterans defend my liberty and freedom by sacrificing. Sacrifice is a decision everyone makes every day. It might be a big sacrifice or a little one but it will affect someone.

 Veterans have sacrificed and their decision has given me and everyone in the USA, freedom. Freedom is a gift. We don’t really appreciate it, but others yearn for a taste of what Americans have. Brave U. S. citizens leave their homes and families to help in the war. I have never had that feeling, the feeling of uncertainty that I might never see my mom or dad again.

 When I was little I always wanted to see a real life super hero. A big hero like Superman, because he was my knight in shining armor back in the day. Well, to me, hero character traits were bravery, courage, valance, and a really handsome face. One day I saw this man in a wheelchair and I looked closer, he had no legs. His face looked scary and intimidating, but his eyes were full of hurt. My mom told me he was in the war, and I did know what war was because I was practically at war with my sister every day. I thought to myself and revolution exploded in my head because that man was brave enough to go fight, and to protect, for everyone in the war with other brave people. So, the person I was scared of was really, a hero.

 Everything comes with a price and some veterans have lost their legs, arms, lives, and state of mind at the hands of war. Just imagining the battle grounds, full of explosions, guns firing, yelling of pain from both sides! Just imagine all of the families spending the holidays, birthdays without their mom or dad. The veterans sacrifice their lives for us for this beautiful country.

On Veterans Day we honor the veterans for their bravery. Veterans, you are the real heroes. You have made America a safe place where we can be what we want to be. You help make it safe to sleep at night, not like the other places where girls can’t even go to school or show any skin. Thank you for your love, bravery, and faith. May you keep fighting and making the United States of America a better and wonderful place.