The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

July 8, 2013

Marilyn Beasley, guest columnist: The fundamental transformation of America

By Marilyn Beasley
Special to The Globe

JOPLIN, Mo. — On Oct. 30, 2008, only five days before the 2008 elections, candidate Barack Obama stated: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.”

I’m sure many people took that to mean the possibility of electing the first black president because some people only focused on the color of the man’s skin. What they failed to focus on was what candidate Obama said in years prior to and during the run up to the elections. If they had truly listened, they would have understood what he meant when he said “fundamentally transform America.”

We have watched numerous times as Obama went around Congress, our duly elected representatives, to do what he wanted; completely ignoring our Constitution and the laws he swore to uphold. But this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because he showed his disdain for our Constitution when he stated in a radio interview in 2001 that the “U.S. has suffered from a fundamentally flawed Constitution.”

We are beginning to see the ravages of Obamacare as insurance costs are rising; companies are cutting the number of employees from full time to part time; some pharmacies as well as doctors are not taking any new Medicare patients and some companies will no longer offer insurance to their employees. And then there are the lies that have been fed to the citizens regarding keeping one’s insurance. The fact that the IRS will oversee and enforce this program should cause every American to be concerned.

We are seeing the EPA run amok with the approval of this president, and the coal industry is suffering as a result. Obama stated in January 2008 the following: “What I’ve said is that we would put a cap-and-trade system in place that is more aggressive than anybody else’s out there, so if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” He also stated that “utility rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Recently, we had a federal judge who said the “morning after” pill must be available over the counter to girls of any age without a prescription.

We are seeing firsthand the insanity of liberalism.

We now have an immigration plan being pushed by the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, to put those individuals who have broken our laws on a path to citizenship. If this plan was truly one that would benefit the citizens of this nation, it would start with securing our borders. Once that was established, then we could talk about the individuals who are already in our country.

The sad fact with this immigration plan is all these legislators are truly interested in is the Hispanic vote, not what is best for our country and its citizens.

We’ve watched as this administration has pushed homosexuality and now the Supreme Court has declared the Defense of Marriage Act illegal, even though the law was passed by our representatives and signed by former President Bill Clinton.

Yes, we are watching as this president and the liberals continue their efforts to “fundamentally transform America.” What we need are individuals like Deputy President William Ruto of Africa. When Obama visited Africa at the end of June, he gave a speech saying Africa needs to modernize and accept gay marriage. Ruto responded to that speech, saying Africa would not abandon traditions that condemn same-sex marriages.

He also said they were ready to work with other sovereign and God-fearing nations and said their government would continue to foster these relations.

He further stated: “No one should have any worry about Kenya’s stand as a God-fearing nation. President Obama is a powerful man, but we trust in God as it is written in the Bible that cursed is the man who puts trust in another man.”

If only we had individuals in this country who would stand up to this administration and say enough is enough.

 The foundation this nation was built on made the United States of America one of the greatest nations in the world: the Constitution that provided the rule of law, the freedoms we were blessed with, the biblical definition of marriage, and the love and reverence of God.

Without these foundations, the future of our republic is in question.

Marilyn Beasley lives in Joplin.