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January 8, 2013

Your View: Don’t waste time

JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’ve have been keeping up with the Globe, you know that the Globe’s editorial board, Joplin school superintendent C.J. Huff and Gov. Jay Nixon all oppose “conceal-carry” in our schools.

The positions and thoughts all stem from the sad events occurring in Newtown, Conn.

And it is sad. The scary part of this scenario is the approach toward the Second Amendment. If liberals and progressives have their way, the aspects of freedom we enjoy through this amendment will definitely be in jeopardy. (The Globe, Huff and Nixon are strong opponents of anyone, except uniformed individuals, carrying guns in our schools.)

I have inquired of law enforcement officials, and they are in favor of those working with our students to have access to weapons should the situation present itself. Proper and thorough conceal-carry weapons training would be favored. Under the circumstances, they would undergo the same ongoing training required of officers.

I do not believe decisions such as this should sit on the shoulders of the district or one man, the superintendent.

An issue of this importance should be put to a vote of the people. Yes, the ballot would cost money. Is your child worth you having a say in their protection while at school? You, a teacher and a law enforcement officer are all trained the same for conceal-carry. Should an incident at school happen, who is there first?

I suggest the Globe, Huff and Nixon provide a valid reason this proposal shouldn’t be considered. The next problem is, when will we actually be confronted with this problem and will it be too late? Let us not waste time.

Maurice Filson


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