The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

March 15, 2013

Green-minded: Third Thursday returns with a centerpiece about recycling

By Joe Hadsall
Globe Features Editor

JOPLIN, Mo. — Students of Art Feeds programs have used a variety of things for art projects, including water bottles.

Founder Meg Bourne hung a few of those bottles on a tree in Spiva Park Tuesday, as part of a test to see how they hold up to the elements. Each one, painted by students at Irving Elementary School, caught the sunlight and glowed like a Christmas ornament.

"We do a lot of recycled projects," Bourne said. "And we talk a lot about everyday things that can be made beautiful. They loved to watch the paint drip down the sides of the bottles."

Those bottles will be hung along Main Street for the return of Third Thursday on March 21. Recycling will take center stage in a section sponsored by Recycle Joplin, a branch of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals Network.

Groups such as GreenTown Joplin, Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, CMC Recycling, a fashion class and a second-grade class from Joplin Schools, and others will present information, demonstrations and activities related to recycling, including:

"What we wanted to do was educate the public on the ways they can recycle," said Katrina Richards, spokesperson for Recycle Joplin. "We want to open this up to get Joplin residents to recycle more, and start using the things they already have."

Members of the group will also pass out recycled tote bags.

At first glance, Richards said it appears Joplin already recycles. But numbers paint a different story.

"All of us in the group É we've braved the recycling center on a sunny day, when it's really busy, but we're glad to see the showing," Richards said. "But the amount of actual residents recycling is so small. That's one of the big reasons we thought we needed to do this."

The recycling centerpiece will be featured in the 400 block of Main Street. Other special features of Third Thursday include:

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