The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

February 22, 2013

ArtCentral's first exhibit of 2013 to feature membership work

By Zech Wheeler
Globe Staff Writer

CARTHAGE, Mo. — ArtCentral will feature the Joplin Regional Artists Coalition in its first exhibit of the year. "Curiously Inspired" will open with a reception at 6 p.m. today at the Hyde House Gallery, located at 1110 E. 13th St. in Carthage.

"This is one show that is well-attended by the public at artCentral because Carthage is such an art-supportive community," said Becky Golubski, a pastel artists and spokesperson for the coalition. "It's a popular place to show."

"Curiously Inspired" will feature sculpture, painting, photography and more from 51 different coalition members.

"The response to the show at artCentral for members participating has been pretty darn good," Golubski said. "We have about 94 members right now. Since our venues have become so popular, everybody wants to get in. If everybody wanted to put a piece in, we'd find a way to make sure that everybody got a piece in."

Membership includes professional and amateur artists, art enthusiasts and patrons of the visual arts.

"We've gotten a great response from the community," Golubski said. "And not just from the artists but also businesses and other advocates as well."

Golubski said that JRAC has previously partnered with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Spiva Art Gallery in displaying artwork. She said she has participated in different artistic events across Southwest Missouri, but finds Joplin to be "on fire about the arts."

"It's not just Joplin artists," Golubski said. "I'm from Pierce City and I go to Joplin or Carthage to show, and I just really feel like I'm part of their community because they take me in just like a Joplin resident."

Linda Teeter, coalition president, said that the reasoning behind the title of the exhibit was simple and twofold: Participants were curious, and found themselves inspired.

"When we first formed our group, we had a meeting July of 2010, an open call to artists about the idea of formalizing a not-for-profit organization for the betterment of the artists," Teeter said. "People came to that meeting curious, and they left inspired. By January 2011 we were registered not-for-profit and now we're up to almost 100 members."

"That's the artist's point. The public gets to come, be curious to who's showing and what they're going to see, and leave inspired to perhaps open up their own alternative to creating art or at least welcome art into their home."