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June 13, 2013

Prime time for crime: Summer a good time to review burglary prevention strategies

JOPLIN, Mo. — Because more people are outside, summer months are also prime time for crime. The Joplin Police Department has the stats to show that home burglaries increase during the summer within city limits. Over the past four years, burglaries are highest in August, then May and June.

"There's a couple of reasons for that," said Darren Gallup, of the Joplin Police Department. "It's warm, so people are away on vacations, and burglars are out as well."

Gallup's unit works specifically on crime prevention through environmental design. He said he works with homeowners and business owners about how to reduce the risk of being victimized by theft.

Homeowners can take a few simple steps to ensure that their loved ones and possessions are more safe through the summer months. The trick behind most of these tips is that they make a home less comfortable for a burglar to deal with, leading them to find another target, Gallup said.

  • Lock doors and windows. Many of the burglaries reported to the police happened in situations where doors were unlocked, Gallup said.
  • Ensure that exterior lighting is good.
  • Make sure landscaping is intrusive and close to the house, so it doesn't give invaders a place to hide and also impedes access to windows.

    "You want bushes right underneath a window, where they actually have to climb through the bush to get to the window," Gallup said. "It makes it really difficult."
  • If it's practical and your family can welcome a pet, consider getting a dog.
  • Keep mail and newspapers from piling up.
  • Keep activity about vacations or trips to a minimum on social networks. Gallup said that lists of friends and family aren't always easy to control.

    "It's tempting to tell friends that you can't wait to go to Mexico," Gallup said. "Just because that says 'friend list' doesn't mean everyone on the list is a friend. There are people who watch those."
  • Keep up with general home maintenance and upkeep. A person with a well-maintained home can discourage thieves and send them to targets that appear easier to break into, Gallup said.

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