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May 14, 2012

Joplin teen pleads guilty to assault on police officer

JOPLIN, Mo. — A 17-year-old Joplin resident pleaded guilty today to felony assault on a police officer.

Allen Russell entered an open plea of guilty on the charge in Jasper County Circuit Court with respect to an attack Dec. 4 on Officer Joshua Hanes of the Joplin Police Department.

Hanes heard a woman screaming inside 319 W. 16th St. as he was passing by in a patrol car and stopped to find out what was going on. Hanes encountered a young man at the address who tried to pull him away from the door of the residence and a woman who slammed the door on his foot before other officers arrived to assist him.

As Hanes tried to arrest one of the people at the address, Russell attacked him and a struggle ensued between the officer and occupants of the residence that moved from the living room into a bathroom, where the officer fell to the floor. Hanes wrote in a probable-cause affidavit that even as he regained his feet, Russell continued to attack, grabbing at his throat and choking him before being subdued and placed under arrest.

Russell could receive up to seven years in prison for the conviction. Circuit Judge Gayle Crane ordered the completion of a sentencing-assessment report on the defendant and set his sentencing hearing for July 23.


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