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August 23, 2013

Suspect’s wife distancing herself from jailed husband

LOCKWOOD, Mo. — Brandy L. Bourne could not believe it when sheriff’s deputies and police showed up at her home in Lockwood a little after 6 p.m. Monday looking for her husband.

They told her witnesses reported that Bobby Bourne was driving her old Ford Expedition when he snatched Adriaunna Horton from the park in Golden City.

A pastor she knows in Golden City had called her a little before 6 p.m. to let her know Adriaunna was missing. But she had no idea her husband might be responsible before the Barton County deputies clued her in.

She was still struggling with the shock of the week’s revelations involving her husband when she agreed to an interview with the Globe on Friday.

“I want to believe that none of this happened, but everything points to Bobby,” she said. “People ask me how I could live this long with him not knowing what kind of person he was. But there’s never been anything there to ever suspect anything like this.”

She first met Bobby about four years ago, and they’ve been married almost two years. Information released by authorities this week that he lives in Lamar is incorrect, she said. He has been living with her and her four daughters from a prior relationship in Lockwood for some time now.

Bobby has known the Hortons for two or three years, Brandy said. James Horton, the slain girl’s father began working with Bobby in March 2012 on the home repair jobs that Bobby would land. She said they became more than just co-workers and started hanging out together.

James had three daughters who lived with him, including Adriaunna, and they became friends with her daughters and would spend time at each other’s homes. Lockwood is just seven miles east of Golden City.

Bobby was charged with assaulting Brandy in the parking lot of a supermarket in El Dorado Springs in October 2011. He had grabbed her face and shoved her in front of witnesses and police had shown up and arrested him. Then he had tried to grab the Taser gun off the arresting officer at the police station, and he’d picked up felony charges of assaulting the officer and resisting arrest.

Brandy told the Globe that Bobby had been abusive with her just one other time. On that occasion he had slapped her, she said.

She said that his arrest in October 2012 for a misdemeanor assault on her oldest daughter, who was 12 at the time, was mischaracterized in court records. She and the daughter both denied to the Globe that Bobby had hit the girl. They said what he did was spank her for talking back to him. But he had been charged and sentenced to jail.

Brandy said that while he was serving his sentence in jail, she began working with James to try to finish a home repair contract Bobby had secured in Arcola.

“We had to finish the job or else me and Bobby would have had to pay for it,” she said.

It could have meant a loss of $5,000, but she and James got the work done and met the terms of the contract. But when Bobby got out of jail in early February, he noticed a compressor and some of his tools were missing, and he became convinced that James had stolen them, she said.

“He was pretty upset,” Brandy said. “After that, he quit hanging around with James and started doing his own jobs, and he wouldn’t allow us to go over there.”

She and her daughters went along with the prohibition Bobby imposed, Brandy said. She said that was the extent of the disagreement Bobby had with James as far as she knows and that nothing else had happened between February and this past week to further fuel the antagonism. She said that was why it came as such a surprise to her when the deputies told her that Bobby had taken Adriaunna.

Brandy said Bobby had never done anything sexually inappropriate with her daughters, and a week ago she would have said there was “no way” he could abduct and sexually assault, let alone murder, a child.

But she began to have doubts even before the deputies had left her home Monday night. She called a woman in Lamar on whose home Bobby was suppose to have been working that morning and learned that he had not shown up. That led to a discovery that he’d also failed to keep an appointment for anger-management counseling in Nevada at 6 p.m. Monday.

The news reports this week have convinced her of her husband’s hand in Adriaunna’s murder, and she now feels a breakup is imminent. She went to Greenfield on Tuesday to try to get a restraining order and was told that was not possible since he had not done anything to her or her daughters, she said.

“But, yes, there’s going to be a break,” she said “A divorce is coming soon.”


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