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April 30, 2012

Mike Pound: Technology moves from one rage to the next

It takes me a while but eventually I come around to new technology.

For example, when cell phones first popped up I hated them. I didn’t see why someone needed to carry a phone with them everywhere they went. I figured telephones belonged on the wall in your kitchen or in your living room.

But eventually I not only purchased a cell phone I grew to depend on it and now even though — deep down — I still don’t like them I can’t imagine not having a cell phone.

Who knows when I’m going to need to order a pizza?

When our 14-year-old daughter Emma and my wife started texting, I thought they were crazy.

“Why would you take a perfectly good cell phone and turn it into a telegraph machine?” I said, when my wife and Emma told me that I needed to text.

Now, I text all the time, although Emma tells me I am the slowest texter she has ever seen.

Later, when people somehow were able to get music to play on their cell phones, I thought that was crazy.

“Who want’s to listen to music on their phone?” I said.

Now, I want to listen to music on my phone. I just need Emma to teach me how to get music on my phone. Now that I think about it, I guess I should be wondering how Emma gets music on her phone and whether it’s costing me money.

I’m guessing it does.

Later, still, when cell phones became virtual computers, I scoffed.

“Why can’t a phone be a phone?”I asked.

Of course, when I discovered I could follow the St. Louis Cardinals on my phone I decided I wanted my phone to be more than a phone.

And then, when Twitter became all the rage, I scoffed again.

“A Twitter is just a text with even less to say,” is what I said when folks started tweeting. But now everyone here in the newsroom is atwitter over Twitter. I am  told that Twitter is a way newspapers can communicate with readers. Of course, many of us in the newsroom remember typewriters so the whole Twitter thing is sort of a challenge for us.

Fortunately, we have some young people who work in the newsroom. One of those young people is Kelsey Ryan and, as a designated young person, Kelsey has been charged with the task of teaching us old people how to tweet.

So far, Kelsey has successfully taught many old people in the newsroom to tweet. One of the few old people in the newsroom whom Kelsey hasn’t taught to tweet is me. Kelsey offered but I have, so far, been able to avoid calling on her.

It’s not that I don’t want to learn how to tweet. Or that I’m somehow against tweeting. I do and I’m not.

It’s that I don’t think I have anything to tweet about. As any regular reader of this column has probably figured out, I’m not exactly in constant motion. I tend to think of myself as pretty laid back. My wife doesn’t think of me as being laid back. She thinks of me as lazy.

It’s one of the glass half-emtpy/half-full deals.

Anyway, because I’m laid back, I don’t really have much to say. It’s really a stretch for me to fill six columns a week so finding something to tweet about is going to be a challenge. So far, my bosses haven’t given me any trouble for not tweeting. I’m guessing my bosses are aware of my laid backness.

But I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time. So, lately I’ve been trying to think of things to tweet. So far, I’ve got one about beer and one about cheese doodles.

It’s time to call on Kelsey.

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