The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 2, 2013

Carterville residents to decide bond issue for street projects

By Susan Redden

CARTERVILLE, Mo. — A bond issue for Carterville streets, a water proposal in Neck City and a number of city council and school board elections are set for decisions by voters in Tuesday’s elections.

And a variety of seats will be filled without voter action. There are no contested races — and no elections — for school board posts in Joplin, Carthage and Webb City. And a large number of candidates are running unopposed for seats on city councils and other town boards.

In Carterville, city residents will decide an $800,000 general obligation bond issue for street projects.

Dale Davenport, Carterville’s mayor, said the goal of the effort is to improve streets in a town he points out is referred to as “Craterville.”

“We want to get rid of that, but we can’t if all we can do is just patch and fill potholes,” he said.

If voters approve the measure, Davenport said bonds will be sold to buy additional street department equipment and materials for street improvements. The measure must be approved by a four-sevenths majority for passage.

The city is proposing raising its levy by 22 cents to repay the bonds in 15 years. Carterville now has a city levy of 63.86 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. City taxes on a home valued at $100,000 are $121.33 per year. Taxes on the same home would go up about $42 per year with voter approval of the measure.

“We think at most, it’s going to cost people about 11 cents a day for decent streets,” he said.

Carterville voters also will decide a Zone 1 council seat, where incumbent David Comstock is facing a challenge from Jeff McComber.


In Neck City, voters will decide whether city water lines should be sold to the Public Water Supply District No. 2.

Though described as a sale, Mayor Don Hole said the measure would be more of an exchange, with the city becoming part of the district, which would supply city water and maintain the system.

“We would sign our water lines over to them in exchange for the services they would provide,” he said.

Hole said the city currently buys water and distributes it, but Hole said there have been problems in the past with the quality and quantity of water it can purchase. He said the council has been working for 18 months on the proposal, which, if approved by voters, then will have to be approved in court.

“The water system had to agree to accept us,” he said. “It will take about a year to get everything changed over.”

He said the council does not expect the plan to change the amount residents are paying for water, adding “but they’ll be writing checks to the water system rather than us.”

Neck City voters also will decide two vacancies on the village board. Candidates are incumbent Douglas R. Hicks, Briggitta (Bree) Thuma and Jerry Welch.


In other races, voters in Alba and Avilla will be deciding two vacancies each on town boards. Candidates in Alba are Pansy Schell, Rosella Sidenstricker and Troy Browning, and in Avilla, they are Marcia Weng, James Williamson, Rosemary Lombard and Sandy Downing.


In Duenweg, voters will decide two aldermanic posts. Candidates for the 1st Ward post are Don Johnson, the incumbent, Sheila Foster and Jeff D. Culbertson, while the 2nd Ward seat is being sought by William R. Haldeman, the incumbent, and Jeff Littrell.


In Duquesne, incumbent Denny White is facing a challenge from Lisa Daugherty in the mayoral race. Aldermanic contests are among Frank Herron, the incumbent, and Barbara Welch, for the 1st Ward, and George Reeve, the incumbent, and Roger Bone, for the 2nd Ward.


In Jasper, voters will decide the mayor’s race between Paul M. “Dusty” Nelson, the incumbent, and challenger Bill Hulstine, and two seats on the Jasper School Board, for which candidates are Carolyn J. Corle and Joe Heger, both incumbents, and Alicia Rives and Matthew Dumm.


Two seats will be filled on the La Russell Board of Trustees; candidates are Bill Campbell, John Carver and Tony Anderson.


In Sarcoxie, voters will decide the 1st Ward aldermanic seat, for which candidates are Johnny Mandera, the incumbent, and Rick Mize and Aleasha Harrison.

They also will be deciding two vacancies on the Sarcoxie School Board. Incumbent John Lewis’ name is still listed on the ballot, but he is under arrest after being indicted on federal charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. Lewis was arrested Feb. 21, after election ballots were printed.

Other candidates are J.T. Roberson, Gary L. Turner and James “Jim” Acheson.


The following candidates are unopposed and virtually assured of election.

AIRPORT DRIVE — Trustees: Larry Allison and Mark Rains.

ASBURY — Aldermen: At large, John P. Brown and Roger Hittle.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — Trustees: David Griffith and Ray Trowbridge.

CARL JUNCTION — Mayor: Michael “Mike” Moss; Aldermen: 1st Ward, Sean Haase; 2nd Ward, Robert “Bob” Cook; 3rd Ward, Richard Zaccardelli; 4th Ward, Steve Daniels.

CARTERVILLE — Aldermen: 2nd Ward, Korie Stansill; 3rd Ward, George Heisten; 4th Ward, Meredith Shields.

CARTHAGE — Aldermen: 1st Ward, Larry Chapin; 4th Ward, Dan Rife; 5th Ward, Ed Hardesty.

CARYTOWN — Trustees: Cyrus Knight and Marvin Frost.

JASPER — City Council: East Ward, Mike Smith; West Ward, Mark W. Weng.

NECK CITY — Mayor, Don Hole.

ORONOGO — Aldermen: 1st Ward, Bob Russell; 2nd Ward, Alvin Lucas; 3rd Ward, Joshua Stiffle.

PURCELL — Aldermen: Steve Snyder.

SARCOXIE — Aldermen: 2nd Ward, Cole Cummins.

WEBB CITY — City Council: 1st Ward, Doug Goodall; 2nd Ward, Gina Monson; 3rd Ward, Alan Hughes.